Roundcube, PHP change attachment size


I have roundcube install on my VPS with Debian 10. How or where can I change size limit upload and post size? Default size is just 2 MB.

Roundcube’s running at If I change php.ini “upload_max_filesize, post_max_size” at Virtualmin / Services / PHP 7.3 Configuration, nothing happens, even if I change it at parent domain of I even tried to change default php.ini but with no success.

And ofc I did restart apache2…even rebooted VPS.

PHP is running as FCGId, tried CGI but nothing changed.

On all my different domains I just change php values in Virtualmin / Services / PHP 7.3 Configuration nad it works, but with roundcube it doesn’t.

Thank you for your help.

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Try changing PHP values from CLI, simply like that:

virtualmin modify-php-ini --domain --ini-name post_max_size --ini-value 16M --ini-name upload_max_filesize --ini-value 8M
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thanks for answer, but it doesn’t work. Values are changed in /home/, but roundcube still shows 2.0 MB.

Well, I just put phpinfo(); in roundcube index.php and it works, I see values which I set, but roundcube doesn’t allow me to send larger file than 2 MB.

I tried clear cache in browser, still same…
Another idea?

Thank you.

Any idea? Thanks.