RoundCube on multiple domains on multiple virtual server setup

I installed roundcube on a central folder
and use server alias to map for each of domain
For example

However I found that any of domain user logged in , the email address shown in roundcube (settings->identities)is like abc@localhost instead of the user’s domain name.


When you installed RoundCube, did you do so manually, or did you install it using the Install Script?

Also, what is the output of the command “hostname”?


my Virtualmin is gpl version so I have to install roundcube manually.

output of hostname is FQN hostname of my server


Virtualmin GPL contains some Install Scripts, including RoundCube.

My suggestion would be to try installing RoundCube using the Install Scripts (you’ll see a link for that on the left near the top when you log in as root), and to install RoundCube into one of your domains, and then see if things work properly for you with that.



I’ve got the same problem and I’ve used the installer scripts from Virtualmin. Anyone with a solution?