Roundcube not displaying HTML messages

I have search these forums and the Roundcube forums and have not found a solution to this issue.

I installed RoundCube from the default script installer in Virtualmin for Roundcube 0.5.3, it seems to work OK except will not display HTML messages. I get a HTTP 500 error.

I have followed several suggestions including deleting the .htaccess file in the Roundcube directly and several others suggestions in the roundcube forums. But they are saying this is a “configuration” issue, which I don’t fully understand…

Any ideas…??


Hi Daivd (dlenorman),

I have this same issue at the moment, did you find a solution?

Thanks you in adance,


Do you see any errors in the logs ($HOME/logs/error_log) when that occurs? That might give some clues as to what’s happening.


Hi Eric,

I can see this fatal error occurring:


[15-Oct-2012 22:34:21 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Class ‘DOMDocument’ not found in /home/bivnet/public_html/webmail/program/lib/washtml.php on line 305

I checked the file / line, but it doesn’t mean anything to me…


$node = new DOMDocument(‘1.0’, $this->config[‘charset’]);

I will investigate this further via Google. Thanks for the tip!