Roundcube mail issues

Hi! I’ve installed on my vps Virtualmin (3.99 GPL) with Roundcube for email.

The problem is that i can RECEIVE e-mail messages but when i try to SEND seem to be correct,but the sender does not get anything.

Which can be problems? ports, records, permits? how can I find the error?


After sending an email, take a look in the email logs – either /var/log/maillog, or /var/log/mail.log. With those logs, you can see where the emails are going, and if there’s any errors.


in /var/log/ there are mailog, mailog.1, mailog.2, mailog.3, mailog.4 which is the correct file? There is a method to delete all past log? So I can retry with one new mail. Because every file is too long and i can’t understand nothing :slight_smile:

The most recent email log is /var/log/maillog.

You can edit the log rotation config in /etc/logrotate/ – the mail log is controlled in the “syslog” file. By editing that, you could configure it not to store logs past a few days, or to compress older logs.