Roundcube installation failed

I got this error when I tried to install roundcube.
Fatal Error!
Failed to install script : Missing or invalid-looking version number
Please what do i do?


Please post a screenshot.

i think i missed installing DB
Please how do I initiate it without starting afresh?


Click “Edit Virtual Server”, then at the bottom of the screen under “Features enabled” make sure to enable MySQL/MariaDB.

Then run the installation again.

Below are what i found.
I did not see MySQL/MariaDB.
Maybe because I skipped it from beginning?


Check “System Settings > Features and Plugins”… If it’s not enabled there, then it’s not available to a Virtual Server.

Thank for your assistance.
I think it is not available. Is there a way i can fix it?


A default install of Virtualmin would install either MariaDB or MySQL depending on when the system was setup, and/or what distro you were using.

Send a screenshot of your “Features and Plugins” page.

Also, what distro are you running, and which Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin versions are you using?

*** The latter information can be found on your “Dashboard” ***

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Thanks a lot. I found a way.
I had to start it from System setting, then save from Feature and plugins
then install from Edit Virtual Servers.

Thank you.

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