Roundcube Global Installation

I’m wanting to offer my users the option of Roundcube in addition to Squirrelmail. Squirrelmail is running in a global installation and when a user goes to, Apache is configured to utilize the global installation of Squirrelmail using the SSL certificate of the server, not the virtualdomain. This works fine and the users know they are working on a hosted virtualdomain so they accept the ssl warnings and move on.

I would like to setup Roundcube to work the same way. Something like or

I have two questions/issues.
[ul][li]Is there a script which does the install? I used the install script for Roundcube but the install is for single domain (virtual domain) installations which forces the use of non-secure login since I don’t have separate SSL certs for the individual virtual domains.[/li]
[li]Provided a get a Roundcube installation working, how do I setup a redirect to work like Squirrelmail is working today. I know Virtualmin has the redirect setup in Server Templates : Apache Websites : URL for webmail redirect, which is set to “use domain name”, but I didn’t want to use this method because I didn’t want to take the chance of breaking the working Squirrelmail installation. Also, I’m not running dns on this server.[/li]

In summary, I want to know the following given the above discussion…
Is there an install script available or would an install via rpm be required? How do I accomplish the redirect just as I now have it with Squirrelmail?

Thanks to all for assistance.

No thoughts from anyone?

You can use install script to install roundcube into subfolder of domain of your choice.
Don’t do this with SSL enabled in virtualmin - cause you won’t reach success, because of RFCs. Joe, me and other people will not recommend this for you, but you can ignore RFCs and setup virtual https servers manualy in httpd.conf (like first one setuped in virtualmin for your first ip is). But I don’t recommend it - you were warned.

So if you have Virtualmin PRO, you can setup your template to install those two wembmail clients for you into two different separated folders under main domain and than manually setup SSL in httpd.conf - I know this is dangerous - don’t do this and wait for gnutls solution (this doesn’t work for me on FBSD but on some linux distros you may acheive more success). Than you can setup permanent redirect from to in httpd.conf or in virtualmin.