Roundcube can login with format while IMAP not


I read here in the forums about the possibility of login to emails using mailbox.prefix or, and the recommendation to mailbox.prefix form (that is default).

But then… i noticed that Roundcube is able to login with format!!

While IMAP (through Outlook and other softwares) is not allowing this…

Any guess why Roundcube is able to perform this login even if it’s not enabled (and Roundcube supposingly is using the IMAP to login)?



I believe RoundCube is using a special plugin that allows that.

In order to have IMAP allow all clients to login using the format, you’d want to go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Mail for Domain, and in there you can set “Format for usernames that include domain” to “username@domain”.

That will only affect new accounts though, there isn’t a way to change the username format of existing accounts.