Roundcube 1.1.0 & Centos 5.11

At roundcube anounce for ver 1.1.0 they say: “MPORTANT: with the 1.1.x series, we drop support for PHP < 5.3.7”.
Centos 5.x distribution has 5.3.3-x, meaning that if I upgrade roundcube from 1.0.4 to 1.1.0 probably it doesn’t work …
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.


Yeah, unfortunately, at a certain point it becomes hard to use current web apps on an older distro, as the web apps begin to require dependencies that are only available on newer systems.

There isn’t a supported way to get that new a PHP version on CentOS 5.

CentOS 5 is nearly eight years old now, and while Virtualmin does support it, if you’re running into trouble using web apps that you need, it might be time to consider migrating to a newer distribution.

Sorry, I wish I had better news to offer :slight_smile:


Hi Eric,

Thanks you for your suggestions.