RHEL5 and CentOS 5 support


will it take days or weeks to get installer support for RHEL5 and CentOS 5? RHEL 5 is out now and CentOS 5 is coming within two weeks.

I just sent a heads up to Joe and Jamie a few days ago saying the exact same thing. :slight_smile: My guess is that it will take a few weeks, since there are some major changes in these new versions, but I’m sure we’ll get the official word from from Joe soon.

Thanks loads, and I’m just now getting things upgraded to CentOS 4.4 :frowning:

centos 4.4 is not going anywhere for at least 5more years. I’ll keep my servers on Centos 4.x until update 1 of centos 5 before turning up any new servers into production…:slight_smile:

I need PHP 5 and MySQL 5 support so I’m installing CentOS 5 as soon as possible. I believe that if something in it is buggy it’s the virtualization part (which delayed the release) and I don’t need it.

I may not upgrade the day it is released, but I agree with Matti about PHP 5 and MySQL 5. We’ve been waiting for “official support” for these for quite a while already, so I will probably jump on board soon after Virtualmin is ready for it.

I’ll be downloading RHEL5 today (I need to make sure our developer license is still active with Red Hat, or renew it, if it has expired).

I expect support to come within a week or two. I have many other things on my plate right now, but I’m excited about some of the changes–and we’d like to give people a path that isn’t Fedora, but actually includes the latest stuff. Since the death of Fedora Legacy, I just can’t recommend it for servers.

Going forward, I think Ubuntu and CentOS 5 are the going to be the preferred platform. Maybe OpenSUSE (if they’ll fix their damned package manager and stop changing it in incompatible ways) since they also have a relatively long lifecycle (I think they’ve committed to three years?).

> Since the death of Fedora Legacy, I just can’t recommend it for servers.

Joe, we have just installed FC6 and VMpro on our Dell server. The server is to be deployed as an active web server. Do you think we should forget about FC6 and do a fresh install of CentOS?

Thanks for your advice.

Joe, don’t worry about replying… I got your drift:

Refer to discussion:

Preferred OS for Virtualmin?

Joe: "Fedora…with an 18 month life cycle, it’s simply not a viable option for large-scale hosting. If you’ve got one server running it, you’ll probably be fine. But when you start talking about dozens of servers, you simply can’t plan to upgrade them every year.

We’re developing more on CentOS and Ubuntu because those are now the best platforms for hosting."

Just did a fresh install of CentOS 5.0 beta on our server. Virtualmin Pro installer threw an error message:

INFO - Operating system name: CentOS Linux
INFO - Operating system version: 4.92
INFO - Installing virtualmin-release package for CentOS Linux 4.92…
INFO - Disabling SELinux during installation…
error: /usr/share/rhn/RPM-GPG-KEY: import read failed(-1).
INFO - Succeeded.
INFO - yum not found, installing yum from software.virtualmin.com
error: open of[!DOCTYPE failed: No such file or directory
error: open of HTML failed: No such file or directory
error: open of PUBLIC failed: No such file or directory

  1. What’s this about?

error: /usr/share/rhn/RPM-GPG-KEY: import read failed(-1).

  1. Yum is installed with CentOS 5.0 beta, so why VMpro installer says:

INFO - yum not found

  1. Why the install process got stuck after

error: open of PUBLIC failed: No such file or directory

Joe indicated that support will come in a week or two. CentOS 5 is still in beta, so I wouldn’t expect the Virtualmin installer to work with it yet.

If you don’t want to wait until then, you might try installing Virtualmin on CentOS 4.4, and then upgrading the OS to CentOS 5. However, be advised that there are still some bugs in the CentOS 5 Beta, so I would only do this for testing purposes (not on a production server).

Thanks Alan. Your comment is much appreciated. I didn’t know that VMpro installer wasn’t compatible with CentOS 5.0 beta yet.

I was hoping to get our server ready for active deployment as as a web server in the next week or so. We were originally on Fedora Core 6 but after reading Joe’s comment on OS, I have decided to switch to CentOS. I thought I will go straight to 5.0 so that I don’t have to muck around with OS upgrade later.

Joe, what is the ETA for installer support for CentOS 5.0 beta? That will give me an indication if I should wait or download CentOS 4.4 instead. Thanks.

Joe, what is the ETA for installer support for CentOS 5.0 beta?

We don’t support betas. There are already too many supported operating systems. :wink:

After CentOS 5 is actually released, it will probably be supported within 3-7 days.

And if you believe in rumors CentOS 5 Final is currently scheduled for release April 9th, 2007 at 23:59GMT. This was a good time to have hardware problems because I couldn’t have installed the OS anyway :slight_smile:

FYI, CentOS 5 is now final:


So, is it supported now, then - it’s the 13th, damnit! (j/k)

Joe and Jamie are fast… but not that fast, Harald. CentOS 5.0 was released only on Friday, 12 Apr. They do need to do a thorough job to ensure installer.sh support for CentOS is complete and problem-free. Joe assured me that he now has a QC procedure. wink

Twirling fingers I am also waiting for Joe and Jamie to do their magic and roll out the latest version of VMpro…


Any news about Centos 5 suppoprt for VirtualMin ?

I want to upgrade my server to CentOS 5 (I need the Python version).
Is Virtualmin still working after an upgrade ?


Martin koekenberg

Joe, is there an ETA for CentOS 5.0 support/compatibility?

Update Notes
Webmin 1.345

“I’ve just rolled version 1.345 of Webmin into the repositories… includes… a new version of the installer that’s coming soon with support for CentOS/RHEL 5 and Debian 4 (don’t ask “when?”, as I don’t know…but definitely soon).”