Reverse Proxy no longer working after Git Enabled

Hi all

I was attempting to allow the use of git repositories on one of my domains. Forgetting that I had manually edited the virtual host to allow a reverse proxy to port 8080 (I am running a node.js application for the website).

Once I realised my error, I disabled the git feature from the “Edit Virtual Server” option and restore the conf file for the virtual host.

After restarting apache, I am now getting

"Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /."

The node.js application is quite happily running on port 8080 but the, previously working 100%, reverse proxy, is no longer working.

Would anyone have any ideas what I can do here?

hi, that is strange as it is working on my server without problem… im debian 9 46bit updated from debian 8… no issues found as you described - I think its issue of your setup…

I actually figured it out - In addition to enabling git, I ran the latest upgrades today and some of my domains lost some parts of their DNS records (Specifically the SOA and NS records) - I hadn’t realised because my internet provider uses cached DNS that doesn’t instantly refresh - When I went to an online ping page, only a couple of the domains this box manages were actually able to be pinged. This was stopping the proxy from being able to redirect correctly.

I manually replaced the records to fix the issue, but now I need to test to make sure that the default config for new domains and sub-domains is pulling the correct records across.

Not sure why that happened, but I am too tired to mess around anymore :smiley: I will have another look tomorrow.