retriving email


I have recently setup virutalmin pro and can
send and receive emails form the server,
but I cannot retrieve emails using MS outlook

the message I get it the server is found but there is no responce from the server?

Can anyone please enliten me on how to retrieve emails?

Many Thanks<br><br>Post edited by: ColinB, at: 2007/07/04 12:17

Install a pop3 or imap server.

Hi I have dovecot running

Is dovecot set up to listen on the public IP?

Yes I beileve so.

isn’t virtualmin Pro supposed to allow downloading of email
right out of the box?
as when you create an account it tells you the pop and smtp details?


Hey Colin,

Yes, Virtualmin Professional should have configured Dovecot appropriately for receiving mail via POP and IMAP, and open the firewall ports needed for those services.

What’s in the /var/log/maillog (or /var/log/mail.log on Debian/Ubuntu) when you attempt to retrieve mail?

Hi Joe,

I ended up re-imaging my server and went through the install again.
all is working now.
I also had to allow dovecot to allow plaintext authentication in non-SSL mode.

Thankyou again