Restricting access to virtualmin/webmin


Is there a way to restrict/prevent access to virtualmin/webmin login page to other domains hosted in the same IP address (Public).

e.g., virtualmin in is accessible by both and

I want this set-up:

virtualmin in can only be accessed by

Only if you give it additional IP addresses. Webmin does not do name-based hosting.

Another option would be to follow the docs for running Webmin proxied through Apache (see the Webmin docs for the guide to this). Then you can make it only available to localhost in Webmin and then proxy folks who hit the preferred name in Apache. This has the (positively positive) benefit of bringing Webmin over to port 80 or 443 (preferably, since 443 can be encrypted).

Oh, I should note also that there are numerous negatives to running through a proxied Apache connection–all of the cool access control features of Webmin are nullified, and some of the security features are also broken by doing so.