Restrict quota calculation to subdirectories *SOLVED*

Hello forum,

utilizing the quota checking feature it looks like Virtualmin / Webmin scans all files under “/” for users / groups when calculating the utilized disk space per user / group.

Is there any way to restrict this calculation to a subdirectory form the VMin UI or do I have to write customized scripts and to feed them via the settings / config option towards Vmin ?

Background: I do keep backups at the same server, and due to some reason I don´t want the backup´s size to be included included within the user´s quota, hence for that portion of the drive I´ll monitor it on my own seperately. Therefore it would be sufficient to let the quota cmd run under a subdirectory like “/home/…” e.g.

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Virtualmin is actually taking advantage of the Operating Systems quota feature, which uses calculates the space usage per partition.

It’s not possible to exclude a directory from the quotas, but you could setup a new partition for your backups. If you use a different partition, files on it don’t count against the quota on other partitions.



my initial thought had been to write a short script (utilizing find e.g.) , however just adding another partition indeed seems to be the better option.

Thanks ! :slight_smile: