Restrict change of server configuration template


in virtual domains it is possible to change the server configuration template under “Edit Virtual Server” -> “Configurable Settings” -> “Server configuration template”.

As long as it is possible for the virtual domain admin to change the configuration template, I have no control over the features I am granting to my customers. Is it possible to restrict or disallow this option?


I believe you can disable that in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default, and on that first screen there, uncheck “Server Owners” where it says “For use by”.

You may need to do that for all your existing templates, not just the “Default” one.


The features to grant to server owners are configured via Plans, not Templates. Assigning a different template should not change what the owner can do. Also, most settings in the template are only applied to new servers.

So you can select in the plan assigned to the server what features the server owner can set/remove. The owner will not be able to change the assigned plan.