Restoring Vitual Server - Disabled

Hello Everyone,

I had a server crash not long ago so I have re-built from scratch and was
restoring one of the websites and it says it’s disabled. However when I go to
Virtualmin -> Disable and Delete, it does not show it is diabled.

So I went to the commandline to try it there and here is the result.

root@ubuntu1:~# /usr/sbin/virtualmin enable-domain --domain
Virtual server is not disabled
Enables all disabled features in the specified virtual server.

virtualmin enable-domain --domain

So my question is how can I force this to enable in virtualmin and where is it located that it thinks it’s disabled?


P.S. I am not a programmer so please help.


Where are you seeing that site listed as disabled?

Is it just when browsing to the website? Or are you seeing that anywhere else?

Also, can you log in as that Virtual Server owner via FTP or SSH?