restoring cloudmin from a crashed system [solved]


i’ve been troubled with issue of my cloudmin setup.
the host system is crashed beyond repair.
yet i’m able to recover the cloudmin guest system’s directory intact.
i’m also able to recover last backup of cloudmin guest systems.

the question is how do i recover my guests system to a new cloudmin server?
i’ve been searching the forum to no avail.
backup and restore system in the menu only restore system registered in the cloudmin.

I only have backups of previous cloudmin, and the directory of previous systems.

thanks in advance

just happened to solved this by my self.

It require a manual creation of xen domain just that the cloudmin can import an existing xen domain into managemen console

first. make sure all path in the guest configuration file is correct.
"sudo xm create [guest config file] "

if you happened to use ubuntu, most likely failed in the first time.
there is an issue with folder mapping

after manually create xen domain, you can now create a new system using add xen instance
fill all parameter, and the important thing, the xen instance drop down menu, will show the new created xen domain.

point the configuration file to your guest config file.
click add system and … viola. your guest is restored in the new system.

i think this should be on cloudmin wiki / faq.
or, cloudmin should make importing xen instance from disk more advance by not requiring an active xen instance. using a xen guest configuration should suffice.

i’ve been scratching my head for a week before decide to go console mode and try desperate attempts.
luckily, one of the attempt succeed. :smiley: