Restored backup, site shows filesystem

Vmin running on Centos 7.9 with Digital Ocean.

I’ve done a fresh Virtualmin installation, trying to import a backup of a working site from another vmin server… the restored site is displaying the server filesystem. Never had it fail like this before. Deleted and restored several times, same result.

site is

Any idea whats going wrong here?


Did you use official script to install Virtualmin and all post-configuration steps finished correctly?

This is Apache mis-configuration. It mustn’t be an issue with default installation. However, I would recommend checking that DNS and network configuration is correct.

Trying to import a backup of a working site from another vmin server

Do you restore a domain using a backup file (like domain.tar.gz) or using Server Configuration > Transfer Virtual Server feature?

As a work-around, try first disabling and then re-enabling Website and Website SSL feature on Edit Virtual Server page. Another work-around could be is to create a new virtual-server with the same name and see if that works with simple HTML file.

Why do the same thing over and over expecting different results?

You have SetHandlers for PHP that are wrong. Check for /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d for php configs that have SetHandler lines. Get rid of them.

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