Restore virtualmin backup with different file system (part 2), home or mount point

Hi. First of all My subject says part 2 because is related to this other named: “Restore virtualmin backup with different file system” . It is the closest I got to what I want.

I have:

server A with some virtualmin servers in regular home (/home)

I want:
Migrate all servers from server A to server B. Server B has a new mount point for websites (in RAID-1) which is: /mnt/md0/home

What I would like to work
Make backups from server A and then restore on Server B easy.

Virtualmin: 6.09.gpl GPL
Webmin version: 1.942
OS: Ubuntu Linux 18.04.4
Kernel and CPU: Linux 4.15.0-72-generic on x86_64

What did it happen when trying to restore backup ?

  1. MySQL tables does not get restored.
    The restore process halts when trying to copy database tables. So to complete process I have to copy database tables from old server manually because the restore halts.

  2. virtualmin domain file has old paths.
    Since the home folder is different, also I have to adjust some paths on the virtualmin domain file.
    Domain folder: /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains
    Domain ID: in Virtual Server Summary
    Then do:

$ vi      /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/<Domain ID>
to edit manually
$ sed -e 's/=\/home/=\/mnt\/md0\/home/' -i /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains/<Domain ID> 
to auto-edit.
  1. Protected Directories also has some issues.
    Since “AuthUserFile” on protected directories cannot be relative, it has to be modified to with the new mount point for each site.

If I do manually 1, 2 and 3 sites start working. However, it would be nice that the restore process do not halt and continue restoring features even if the new mounting is different.
I also tried it with the “ignore” flag checked but I got the same result.
It might be possible to do that kind of restore if there was some field to specify a new mounting point (in case it is different from /home) when restoring. I would be nice to have that NEW FEATURE on Virtualmin.

However, it can also work if I just create the site first in the new server, then move the old folder to the new mount point in server B and then copy the database files (dump them or just copy files from /var/lib/mysql/). But in that case, then what would be the purpose of Virtualmin backup-restore module.

Thanks in advance.

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