Restore Virtual Server and Keep Old DNS Settings?

I’ve been experimenting with using nameservers tied to the site name like and for virtual server versus using the nameservers from the Virtualmin installation, and reachable at my vps,

If I move a virtual server through the backup and restore process, it is normally assigned the default nameservers at the new virtualmin installation. Is there a way to simply import the old DNS records without changing them as they will still be good. Instead, I would just need to update the associated IPs for the nameservers at the registrar after restoring to match the IPs assigned to the new VPS and new Virtualmin install.

When you include the “Records in DNS Domain” feature in your backup, the previous DNS records should be recreated as part of the restore process.

It’s true that at first the domain gets created with default zone entries, but when your zone file gets subsequently restored, those defaults should be replaced with what you had in your zone previously.

Thanks for the comment. I checked, I do have the option set for backing up and restoring the “Records in the DNS Domain” feature. But I also see that I set the “Server Template” and “Bind DNS domain” to use the nameserver of the hostname, and I set the additional manual configured nameserver to be the second nameserver of the hostname.

Would the solution to my problem be to set the “Bind DNS domain” to be automatic, and not to use a second manually configured nameserver? Under that setup, would it use the nameservers in the old records file?


You may need to try it, as I’m not entirely certain… but I have a suspicion that it’ll attempt to generate a set of “NS” records during the restore process, you may not be able to keep the NS records it was previously using.

But give it a try and see what happens :slight_smile: