Restore turning symlinks into files

I’ve done this plenty of times and am not sure why I’m having an issue now

I’m moving a site from one server to another. Both servers are running centos 6.5. The 'old" server is running virtualmin 4.07, the new server 4.08.

I use the old server and create the backup file.

On the new server I use the restore to create the site there.

For some reason the symlinks in the backup are being turned into files during the restore, causing the restore to fail with :

Extracting TAR file of home directory …
… TAR failed!

/bin/tar: ./public_html/Web: Cannot create symlink to `my-src-folder-here’: File exists
/bin/tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

The backup file correctly has the symlink. I’ve verified by manually extracting it.

I can manually complete this transfer, but ideally would like to get to the bottom of it in case we run into it again. Any ideas?

Thank you



Hmm, I don’t believe anyone has reported such an issue before.

Would it be possible to get a copy of your backup in order for us to reproduce that problem?

If so, could you email a URL that we could use to download your backup to



done, thanks!


I am also experiencing this issue. In my case, the versions are far apart. The backup was made with Virtualmin 4.06.gpl and I am restoring with 4.17.gpl.

All symbolic links are extracted as files, but I do not get any visible error messages - provisioned with Puppet while checking with --debug.

Would be grateful if you could post the resolution to this problem publicly.

-Miguel Angelo

I’m experiencing this problem trying a virtual server restore from a v4.02gpl backup to a v5.01gpl. The source virtual server contains a symbolic link which cause the error… The same issue is reported here and here

I’m experiencing the same with rails apps but sometimes with others too. Is there any known workaround to import the backup with a smile?