Restore shows only one virtual server

Hi everybody!

I just realized this during the move from a nearly unsupported OpenSUSE-system to a Debian 6.0. During the restore of my virtualmin backups, only one virtual server is shown for restore.

It seems as if this is due to the fact, that the .info-file only shows data for the last backed up virtual server, not all.

Is this a bug or did I do something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

From where and how are you trying to restore? Are you using SSH, local files or something else? In what format was the backup taken (one file per domain etc.)?

For the backup I’m using scp with one file per domain.

Okay, when you select any of the TGZs that hold one domain each, you should be able to restore that domain.

Not sure if you can restore multiple domains at once using SCP, but you can do that with local files by selecting the directory in which they reside.

Hmm. I downloaded the files to a local directory and selected the subdirectory containing the .tgzs, but still only the last domain is shown.

Hi again!

I figured it out. It was the additional .info-file, that was used. After I deleted that file, the tar.bz2s were read.

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