Restore problem with .dom file


I’m testing doing a backup of virtual servers from VM 3.90 Pro on CentOS 5 to VM 3.89 GPL on CentOS 6.

I notice there seems to be a new file created since I last tried this - a *.dom file. Trouble is - restore doesn’t like it:

“Restore failed : The specified source is not a Virtualmin backup : /fullbak/ : Not a valid tar or tar.gz file”

What is the purpose of the *.dom files? Can I just delete them? (It seems to fix the error if I do that, but I’m reluctant to risk corrupting the backup/restore process).


Are there other files in addition to that .dom that that are created during the backup process? Or is that the only one you’re seeing?

Also, if you try to restore that onto a system running Virtualmin 3.90, rather than 3.89, does that work? That is, are you able to upgrade that older Virtualmin version to the current version and test that?


I see 3 files created by backup now (was 2): domain.tar.gz, domain.tar.gz.dom,

On my CentOS 6.2 server 3.89 GPL seems to be the latest version available

(I am trying to upgrade from CentOS 5 with VM pro to 6. So once I’ve tested things out I’ll upgrade the v6 server to the pro license and ‘go for it’. Perhaps this problem will go away when I try that?)


Ah… those appear to be some form of metadata file, along with the .info files.

You wouldn’t import the .dom file, you’d import the tar.gz file – and then, if Virtualmin requires one of the other files (.dom or .info), it would ask for it.

So, my recommendation would be to ignore them altogether :slight_smile: Migrating from CentOS 5 to CentOS 6 should work well, and you’d use the tar.gz files to do that.

Also, this documentation here may be of interest as well:

Thanks - fortunately there’s only 15 or so v. servers to do here, so it won’t be a problem to select each file rather than select the backup directory itself

Ah, I didn’t understand that you can’t even point Virtualmin to that directory to restore all the backups. The fact that you can’t do that sounds a bit like a bug to me :slight_smile:

What you may want to do while I talk to Jamie about that, is just move the .dom files out of that dir, and see if your import can proceed normally.


Will do Eric!