Restore home directory from backup without affecting email messages in /homes

I was wondering if it’s possible to restore the contents of a user’s home directory from a VM backup (for example, rolling back to a previous version of a website) without affecting my IMAP users.

What I mean is - if I restore an earlier version of the home directory, then surely the contents of /homes will also be rolled back - meaning that any new email received between versions will be lost ? Each IMAP user would also find themselves rolled back to an earlier time.

If this is the case, how could I work around the problem?


Restoring a backup doesn’t delete new files… so any new email would remain.

However, if someone deleted an email, it would re-appear in their Inbox.

There isn’t a way to restore just the website from within Virtualmin – though you could use another tool in order to open the archive, and extract just the web files.


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