Restore hidden dashboard panel

Operating system CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Webmin version 1.994
Usermin version 1.840
Virtualmin version 7.1
Authentic theme version 19.93.1

If I hide a panel, Recent Logins for example, from the Dashboard the tooltip says I can restore it from within the Authentic Theme’s config page. Is there a way, other than resetting the theme defaults, to restore the panel/accordion as the only reference in the config that I can see is as in this image:


Do you find it not enough or not intuitive to be placed on that page? Where would you expect it to be?

Perhaps I’m being dim but I can’t see how to restore the hidden panel except by resetting all defaults for the theme.

To simplify my possibly confusing question - how do I re-enable the panel listed in the ‘hidden accordions’ section?

Yes, it was me being a bit dim, I had to select the item in ‘hidden accordions’ to de-select it. That wasn’t clear to me when there was only one item but became apparent when I had multiple items to be re-enabled.

I thought it was well known, that you need to hold down control key to deselect it but it appears to be recommended to inform the user:

I will fix that. Thanks.

The next theme release will add explanations on how it must be used:

Note: The message will vary on PC vs Mac.

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