Restore full backup losses scripts installed data

I Restored from a full Virtual backup to a fresh CentOS 5.1 install and all my scripts installed data was missing. I hope I’m clear about this; I installed Joomla 1.5.2 into the top level of all of my Virtual Servers; when I click on Install Scripts I can see that Joomla 1.5.2 is installed; but after restoring to a fresh install and I click on Install Scripts and it says “No scripts have been installed on this virtual server yet.” My guess is that you don’t store the installed scripts data in the backup; which is a major bummer for me; in fact this is one of the best features of this program (there are so many I like but this one is the greatest). I must be doing something wrong I can’t imagine this is the case. Every thing works great except this one problem; but for me this is a major issue; since I like this feature so much; for one thing if you decide to come out with Joomla 1.5.3; how will I upgrade it; how do I know what scripts I have installed anyway; unless I remember. No this can’t be happening; I’m missing something here; is there something else I need to check when backing up the hole site; is there another file I need to back up? I only have nine sites; I want to have them on a backup server in case anything goes wrong; it’s important not to lose the installed scripts data.

My guess is that you don't store the installed scripts data in the backup

That would be an incorrect guess. Scripts and their data can be backed up, just like everything else. If it’s not coming back on restore (assuming you’ve chosen to backup everything), it’d be a bug.

Thanks for the fast reply (wow); I’m sure I backed up everything; under Backup Virtual Servers; I clicked All virtual servers; I also clicked All virtual servers; One file per server and Halt the backup immediately. I have 9 VS; Joomla installed Top Level of each. Then under Restore Virtual Servers; Local file or directory; Restore all features; I took the defaults on Other restore options since this is a new install. If I did everything right then I’d say this is a bug; its version 3.56 (Pro); what should I do from here.

Hi guys,

I’ll confirm that the scripts installed data isn’t being returned. In moving our billing site Tuesday, I noted “no installed scripts” yet phpBB was restored (though I note that it isn’t working).

I needed to add that any attempt to install phpBB fails because it’s already there, which makes sense.<br><br>Post edited by: DanLong, at: 2008/05/08 04:52

I noticed that when I’m chosing backup options in the Features and settings area that the “select all” for Virtualmin settings to also backup are “selects all” for the Features to backup; closer look at I think that is the design of it; so that users don’t have to move their currsor to the top of the list? I might be wrong; it would be nice just to move that into the next section; put an HR tag to clearify it and have it only on the top of each section. That was just my ovbservation; but it has to do with my next question.

If I Backup all features; does that include the Virtualmin settings to also backup? I’m confused here and this may be the whole issue here; with no divider I would assume that its that whole area; but I might be wrong that happened once before. So can you clarify; if this is the case my first idea would make this more clear.

Also on the phpBB; I know we closed that issue; but the problem is that if I install Joomla in a Folder (bad idea) then uninstall it and reinstall in the Top Level where it should have been for me; since this is a Joomla site for my install; then I run Validate Virtual Servers; I get an error that joomla folder doesn’t exist; then I try to install phpBB and it tries to install to /joomla/ which is gone now. I didn’t find a way to fix it; what I did was delete the Virtual server and reinstall it. I think a check needs to be done to fix this error condition. That will help others in the future; I know how to get around this issue; but at first it was holding me up and I had to figure it out on my own; I think I documented it here at the forum enough that people with same issue will find this. I don’t know if this is a bug and I should just report it; I did that origianally with this issue but reported it wrong; its not the phpBB install script its a ghost folder its trying to install into. I did mention that there but documented it here in case you didn’t read that bug report.

Thanks for all the work; don’t know how I got along with out this program before.