Restore Fails on MySQL database

I am trying to restore the SQL Db within the backup and restore function in virtualmin.

I get the following error when attempting to restore the db:

[code:1]Restore failed: SQL create database ‘name’ failed: Can’t create database ‘name’ (errno:28)[/code:1]

Anyone have any suggestions? Im in a bind<br><br>Post edited by: whiteshiel, at: 2008/09/28 01:11

Does a database of that name already exist? That’d prevent it from creating a new one of that name.

It’s also possible that the user you’ve configured Webmin to connect to MySQL with is not permitted to create dbs.

the db is created, it can’t create a table
I’ve tried it with root too

I Solved it…

It was a problem with the quota of the site. There wasn’t enough quota space to extract the backup archive.