Restore failed when moving to a new server

Hello, This is a continuation of my woes. I had opened a forum post

Eric was kind enough to help me on my way.

However now I have another problem. I am restoring domain and ran into a failure. Is there a way to see what failed?

[root@web3 tonewserver]# virtualmin restore-domain --source /backup/tonewserver/ --all-virtualmin --allocate-ip --reuid --all-features --all-domains
Checking for missing features …
… all features in backup are supported

Checking for errors in backup …
… no errors found

Starting restore…
Extracting backup archive file …
… done

Restoring Virtualmin settings …
… done

Re-creating virtual server
… the following warnings were detected :

SSL is being enabled for more than one domain on the IP address Apache on your system supports SNI, which will allow modern browsers to get the correct certificate in this situation. However, older browsers may see the first certificate for the IP, which is only valid for : *,

Restore failed!



Hmm, that issue probably no longer warrants that kind of warning. While it used to be a requirement that there be one SSL certificate per IP address, most modern browsers support sharing SSL certificates over one IP address.

However, in the meantime, what you may want to do is pass in the “–skip-warnings” parameter to the “virtualmin” command that you’re running. That will tell it to keep going, regardless of that warning.


Thanks Eric. I do have multiple IP’s too. And I have passed the --allocate-ip parameter. Wonder why it complained

However do you think it failed because of a warning? That does not seem right eh? But you know best. Thanks again. I will update how it goes.


Eric, Please see below. Does it means it is a success? Should I be concerned? Any idea why did I not get any errors this time?

i did not want to clutter this topic and so attached a text file.

Thanks so much for your time.