restore-domain but does not delete the old files

Please restore-domain but does not delete the old files you no longer use. How can I delete all the old files too?
The script is run

virtualmin restore-domain --source ssh:// --all-domains --all-features

Hmm, what old files are you seeing that it should be deleting?



Should delete the files inside public_html


The restore wouldn’t actually delete anything from the users home directory.

If your hoping it would delete any files not present in the backup – the only way to accomplish that would be to first manually delete any files you don’t want.

Or, you could always delete the entire Virtual Server before performing a restore, since the restore would re-create the Virtual server.

However, a restore won’t delete any existing files, as it assumes you want them there :slight_smile:


I solved it by writing the script rm-fr / home / * / public_html/*

is there is a way to retrieve my domain with it’s mails