restore backup to new server name

Is it possible to restore a backup and give the server a new name so it doesn’t overwrite the current server?


Sorry, I don’t believe there’s a way to do that.

However, you can clone an existing domain by going into Server Configuration -> Clone Virtual Server, in case you’re just looking to make a copy of a domain.

Or, if you needed to access some files from the backup archive, you could always just untar it in a temp directory, and then access the files… you can untar it with “tar zxvf domain.tar.gz”.


Thanks Eric,
I guess I could clone the server first (to new name) and then restore the live from a backup. I untared a backuip to take a look and it was organized in a strange way. 30+ folders of numbers and the files seem to be scattered throughout.

Is there a way to open the backup tar.gz and maintain the website directory structure?

Thanks in advance.

Problem was with Stuffit Expander. (program used to open the .tar file) Used this,, and it worked like a charm.