Restore backup to new domain / subdomain ?


I have a setup where I would like to backup a domain/virtual server and restore that backup to a subserver (subdomain), but I can’t figure out how.

The reason is, I need a test environment that is a copy of the live site and I figured a backup/restore was the easiest path, but when I try to restore my backup, there’s no option to select which server the restore should be made to.

Any suggestions ?


Yeah, unfortunately, there isn’t a way to restore it to another location at the moment.

We actually discussed that idea last week though – I’ll talk to Jamie regarding it’s implementation. It’s possible that could make it into the next Virtualmin version, but that’s a few weeks out still.


Maybe you can restore the backup to its original domain name in the test environment and then simply rename the domain? Or would that cause clashes with existing names? If not, that procedure should have the same result as restoring the backup to a different domain name.

I usually set up a subserver and just copy the public_html to that for testing. I guess it depends on how many features of the original server you need. This works great for just web stuff. is live is testing

Has this been implemented yet? I am faced with the same issue where I have a that I want to put on my second server as and get everything working before I rename to on the new server.

Please advise.