Restore Backup and not pop3 re-download

I saw an option in the feature “Restore Virtual Servers” which is “Re-allocate UIDs and GID.”
If marked “No” to preserve the same IDs. the email client (Outlook) will do the re-download the messages?

Or this is not related to the re-download the messages.

And yes UIDLs Dovecot.

Migration is a backup to a new server without accounts.


Those aren’t related to the email message ID’s.

Whenever there is an account on a Linux system, that account has a user ID (UID) and group ID (GID) number associated with it.

The option you’re seeing specifies whether it should keep the same UID/GID, or whether it can generate new ones.

Newer Virtualmin versions should backup the various Dovecot control and index files, which should ensure that the messages aren’t re-downloaded. That feature was added a few months ago… if you’re using the most recent Virtualmin version you should be fine.


I will test it in the coming weeks.
If it works it will be very good.
I’m glad to hear that.