restore a single domain

After a crash of a server machine (freebsd 6.0) the only I have is a backup file "" of all virtual servers.
Now I need to extract the database and home of one of the virtual servers.

I need to recover a mysql data from one of the servers (

So I check only “Contents of server’s MySQL databases” and proceed. Then I get a list off all servers I uncheck all except the one I’m interested.

There is no way to extract mysql data 'cause errors in servers not selected (see above)
Any suggestion to recover the mysql file from my backup file “”?

Starting restore of 1 domains from local file /tmp/ …
Extracting backup archive file …
… extraction of /tmp/ failed!

domain1.com_dir: (Empty error message)
domain1.com_mail_files: (Empty error message)
domain1.com_webalizer_conf: (Empty error message)
domain2.com_dir: (Empty error message)
domain2.com_webalizer_conf: (Empty error message)
domain2.com_mysql_ domain2: (Empty error message)
domain3.org_dir: (Empty error message)
domain3.org_mail_files: (Empty error message)
… failed! See the progress output above for the reason why.

domain1, domain2 & domain3 are domains I’m not interested in and are not checked in the backup list, the only one checked is

Thanks a lot

After a while doing some test, I’m aswering myself:

I renamed to 965173_28_backup.gz then I unpacked it and I got a lot of files, one for each data type in a domain (mysql, home, etc) domain, then I renamed mydomain.com_mysql_mydomain to mydomain.sql and imported into my new mysql server. It worked.