Resource Management

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What is the best way to manage resource usage on Virtalmin GPL & Ubuntu Server 18.04?




Have a look at Administration Options > Resources Limits.

This page allows you to define limits on CPU and memory use that apply to this virtual server and all sub-servers. Limits apply to both PHP scripts, and commands run via an SSH login. They can be used to prevent any one domain owner from overloading the system with a fork bomb or commands that use an excessive amount of RAM.

The available limit types are:

Maximum number of processes
Attempting to launch more processes running as the server’s Unix user than the limit set here will fail. This applies to concurrent PHP scripts too.

Maximum size per process
Any single process that tries to allocate more memory that this limit will be terminated. However, the sum total of all processes owned by the server can still exceed the limit.

Maximum CPU time per process
Any process whose time spent actually using the CPU (not waiting for IO or sleeping) exceeds this limit will be killed.

You can also manage it using Virtualmin CLI.


For legacy centos 7 sites can the missing routines be manually installed on a GPL version of virtualmin?

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Resource Limits is a feature available for Virtualmin Pro only. Feel free to get a license! :wink:


Just wanted to verify my install on Centos 7 complete.

The OP asked about GPL virtualmin.

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@Jamie We haven’t fixed the issue yet, with searchable Pro features in GPL installs, right?

Thank you for your help