Resource Limits

i have a server with many virtual host enabled and webmin and virtualmin on it.
I need to limit resources for all virtual hosts (cpu & ram) but i need to know if i buy a virtualmin pro license if i can do it cause my machine IS NOT a VPS but a Dedicated Server with Debian 7.x.

Let me know please if buying a virtualmin pro license i can do it with this scenario.

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I use Virtualmin Pro and I do see resource limits in the templates. I thought though that GPL version had this as well though?



Thanks for your interest in Virtualmin!

I wanted to mention that if you were to get Virtualmin Pro, and you discover it doesn’t do what you’re after – we’ll gladly issue you a refund. Just let us know within 45 days.

Regarding your question though – Virtualmin does support setting up resource limits.

The limits that it supports are per-process.

So it’s possible to configure something like “domain can have a maximum of 25 processes, no process may be more than 100MB, and no process may consume more than N minutes of CPU time”.

That’s not quite the same as what you can do with some VPS’s, where you can allocate a total amount of RAM or CPU per-VPS.

Now, since you do have a dedicated server there – if you really wanted more control over resources, you could always setup VPS’s on your system. You could use the free Cloudmin GPL to install Xen or KVM-based VPS’s, giving you more control over exact resource allocation.



The resource limits there aren’t actually in Virtualmin GPL, those should just be part of Virtualmin Pro.

Many features from Virtualmin Pro do eventually make their way into Virtualmin GPL over time, though I don’t believe that is one of them that’s been migrated.