Resotre failure - clash with awstats

I’m trying to restore a backup and I’m getting the following error:

… a clash was detected : AWstats reporting is already enabled for this domain

Its a backup going from 3.66 to 3.69 virtualmin server. Its saying AWstats is already setup, but I don’t have this virtual server setup yet. Any thoughts?

The ticket you responded to moments ago has a comment that covers how to correct the problem.

In short, there’s already an AWStats configuration file for the domain you’re creating, and Virtualmin refuses (rightly) to overwrite it. Remove that configuration as Jamie suggested in the ticket, and this error will go away.

I just looked at your comment on that issue, but I see no other comments on that thread - just ours?

The thing with this import, is the virtual server does not exist yet that i’m importing. However, the server hsotname is the same domain name as the domain i’m importing - would that conflict?

Hello, i have the same Error, how can i correct this?