[Resolved] Subdomain question


I’m confused with creating subdomains on Virtualmin, I’ve had a read around, but am still not clear on this.

I have the domain domain.com which is hosted on my Virtualmin server and has been created as a Virtual Server. All good there.

I wish to create subdomains for my users as client1.domain.com, client2.domain.com, etc…

Should I create them as new Virtual servers? I was reading about subservers but got even more confused.

I only need website functionality (no mail, mysql, ftp, etc…).

Could someone kindly clarify what the best option for me is?

Thank you in advance.

Sorry, got it, what I wanted was subserver, for some reason the first time I tried it, it didn’t work, now it works as expected.

Thank you.

now that you’ve created them do they resolve from off-site?

Hi midol, sorry I don’t understand your question about ‘offsite’. If you mean do they resolve correctly from a browser not related to the server where the domains are, then yes, all works correctly.