[Resolved] Software.virtualmin.com partial outage

Howdy all,

software.virtualmin.com has been up and down all morning, so I’m migrating to a new VM. The GPL repos are mostly up, but the Pro repos will be offline for a few more minutes while I sort out the authentication.

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OK, I think all the downloads are working now. I haven’t testing any of the connectivity/validation apps yet, so it may be the some features that require outside validation or connectivity checks won’t work until I sort those out…

But, I think installs will work again, both Pro and GPL.

Er, but it’s from an oldish disk image, so I need to fix build server sync before it gets up to date. Give it a few more minutes…

/vm/7 repos are now up to date. Still working on /vm/6 repos (different build/deploy process).

Argh, but DNS TTL was uncomfortably long (I don’t know why I did that), so it’ll take a little while for the new IP to show up everywhere…

In the meantime, if you absolutely must install right now, before DNS catches up, you can temporarily add an entry for software.virtualmin.com with IP to your server’s /etc/hosts file.

It is down again :frowning:

This kind of thing is worth a new topic. We’re not on the same server, anymore, it can’t be the same issue. :man_shrugging:

I’m rebooting the VM. It looks like everything is fine (I can login, Apache is running), but it’s not serving any data from some reason I can’t discern quickly.

It’s up now. I’ll spend some more time in the logs to see if I can find a clue what happened…very strange behavior.

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