Reserved Pricing on EC2 & Virtualmin Pro

Does Amazonâ

I have no idea. But, I suspect yes…though I seem to recall we originally had to explicitly set pricing at EC2, even though we really wanted to do “whatever EC2 price is, plus X for Virtualmin” but that wasn’t possible originally. I think they fixed it though, after we belly-ached to them about it (I’m sure others did, too).

I’ll have to look into it to be sure.


Wondering if you have had a chance to look into this.



I’m looking at our DevPay page right now, and I don’t see any way to enable or disable such a feature. So, I’m not sure.

I’ll try to poke around some to figure out whether we can (or need to) turn this on.

I’ve gone through the whole pricing structure wizard, and see nothing about reserved pricing. I don’t think there’s anything we can do about it…if you don’t have the option when you buy, I guess it can’t be done.

I’ll be working on Amazon FPS payments for the new website next week, so I’ll spend some more time trying to understand how all of this stuff works.