Reseller Server Template/ Account Plan


Is there a way to setup a “Reseller Server Template” or “Reseller Account Plan”?
What we are doing is using WHMCS, and if I cant figure out a way for the system to create a reseller when signing up, rather than just a regular account plan template.

Even if WHMCS cant setup automatically, it would be nice to have a Reseller plan template that could be selected.


A reseller is just a limited user who can create domains. You as master admin determine which server templates the reseller has access to.

WHMCS has a virtualmin module and you can ask Matt if he can add the creation of a reseller to it. I believe you can do this through the API.

I have created a user in webmin who has access only to the Virtualmin Virtual Servers module. This user is in fact the one who creates domains on my server through whmcs.