reseller login, PLESK, license


i have a webserver that is dying.
since there is running on that server plesk version 6. something the holy crap of all.
i wanna migrate that to a new FC3 server and wanna use virtualmin.

1 how do i migrate the users email accounts and data plus the dns settings.

2 how do i make a reseller account that will me allow only on his domains he created.

3 what is the diffrence between PRO and the free one except support.

4 as i can see in the forums the license is based on a year bases is this correct.

5 ifso then it is to expensive to compete with plesk.
my webservers run 100 to 250 domains and eventualy im cheaper using plesk.
in a world where every euro counts with hosting its a problem.

ive seen a diffrence that the pro has spam and virus filters on his emails.

this can be globaly configured at ease so.

im testing for a ISP in the netherlands we wanna migrate all of our plesk servers to virtualmin.

but i can see advantage but for a big price.
what plesk also has in his 7.5 R wich are many servers now.

so confused ;-)>


[[ I am not associated with Virtualmin, just a client ]]

I would highly recommend you go ahead and use the free GPL version, You might not like the theme on it, so you can download the STRESS FREE theme from the 3rd party modules pge on

Now, the differences between the two versions arent a lot BUT some cool things are as follows:

  1. Automated CGI scripts INstallation.
  2. Fully Automated Installer that sets up EVRYTHING.
  3. A much better looking theme (Theme comes for everything virtualmin, webmin, usermin.)
  4. Virus scan and etc of course :wink:
  5. Guaranteed to work on your platform of choice, FC3.
  6. Guaranteed Support, Bugtracker, Forums, Custom Support etc. (this is really important when you are stuck with a problem, the pro version will make sure the company listens to its customers)
  7. I dont know much about Plesk, but almost all the functions of Cpanel, and some more than that.
  8. Integration with third party billing software (agilebill)
  9. And a lot of other little things i cant think of right now (I think the backup function is also only in PRO).
  10. Http and command line access to webmin for third party integration.

But Nonetheless use the GPL version, and if you think you need more you cn get the PRO version. Although i know people who still use the GPL version and are happy.

And umm on the plesk website, for 300 Domains, it costs 599. Here it is 199 (Early Adopter) :slight_smile: thats a big difference.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your interest in Virtualmin Professional! I hope we can be of some assistance to you.

Faisal has stepped up to the plate nicely on this query, but I’ll chime in in an official capacity.

  1. We don’t yet have a plesk migration path. We’d welcome example backup files with all features enabled, in order to help us create an import process. We will get to this at some point in the not-too-distant future (and cPanel backups are already importable), but having backup files from several versions of the Plesk product line would help.

  2. Reseller accounts are supported by Virtualmin Professional. These accounts have complete control of the domains they create, and do not see or have any privileges on domains they didn’t create.

  3. Faisal answered this one pretty well. Sounds like for you, reseller accounts are one of the bigger Pro-only features. Another big one is Script Installers–compare this to Fantastico or the Application pack for Plesk. Ours includes it at no additional cost, and by all reports so far is a superior implementation.

  4. Yes. Licenses are annual. Renewals are 33% of new price (or slightly less, depending on how many sales we make between now and next year when we have to decide on the price based on sales volume). If you plan to upgrade more than once every three years, renewing annually is cheaper. A valid license always entitles you to the latest version of Virtualmin, i.e. you will never pay for an “upgrade” of Virtualmin. Virtualmin currently is not configured to stop working at the end of this period, nor do your domains stop responding. A red reminder box appears, telling you you’re license has expired, and you no longer receive updates. For networked software, we strongly discourage usage without a valid license and updates subscription. This is networked software…only a madman runs networked software without some mechanism for keeping it up to date.

  5. I believe our pricing is extremely competitive with both Plesk and cPanel. We have no desire to be the cheapest product on the market (though according to my math, we are cheaper than both Plesk and cPanel for the vast majority of users, even after our prices rise to retail in another few weeks…I’d welcome feedback via email at joe at virtualmin dot com, if you know something about Plesk pricing that I don’t). All I can promise is that we will be the best product on the market at a fair price. In many ways we are already the best product on the market (and we own up to our problems and work really hard to resolve them). We also will be offering reseller pricing as soon as the Early Adopter period ends. This will allow quantity buyers to receive good discounts on all of our products, including renewals. Anyway, we aren’t going to be significantly cheaper than Plesk or cPanel, and I don’t expect anyone to choose our Professional product on that basis. If price is the #1 concern for a potential customer, our GPL product is already our biggest competitor and will win every time–it is infinitely cheaper than Virtualmin Professional. :wink:

Our Virtualmin vs. cPanel chart is widely known, but I also constructed a Virtualmin vs. Plesk chart at the same time (we aren’t targeting Plesk as a competitor yet, as we don’t yet have importation capabilities for Plesk). Plesk doesn’t hold up as well to the attack as cPanel, though I understand it has some other redeeming qualities (like not being as ugly or quite as confusing for new users as cPanel).

So, we’ve got them beat on features, by quite a large margin. Of course, I welcome feedback from Plesk users on any features of Plesk I might have missed. I actually created both charts for our own use, so that we’d know when we had reached feature parity and were ready to go public. So it wasn’t intended to be marketing material. I just got so fond of looking at all of our green dots that I kept them around. But, I still want them to be absolutely accurate. Holler if you see somewhere that I’ve slighted plesk. I’m just not familiar enough with the product to know…I got everything from the demos and the documentation.

I hope this helps with your plans. And if you’d like to work with us with some example backup files, we’ll be happy to accelerate the inclusion of Plesk importation features. It’s definitely something we want to do, we just haven’t had time or a server running plesk to test with.

In both the comparisons you say that virtualmin doesnt have an "Undo" function. But you do get some undo functionality if you enable webmin logging and log changes to files. This way you can roll back most changes made by virtualmin/webmin, but this is only available to server administrators.

Could the Webmin Action Log be extend so that domain owners could only see actions they made in the current session (or by them), and be able to roll them back, or might this break things if changes were rolled back outside of virtualmin?