Reseller Capabilites on Virtualmin Pro

Hello All,

Looking to get rid of Plesk completely. I am an avid Webmin user and have been for years. I have several resellers on our equipment and I need to see how Virtualmin handles this.

Also can Virtualmin Pro migrate User data from Plesk on a different server?

What I would like to do is upgrade some equipment at the same time that we make this move.

Please let me know your thoughts.


P.S. Tried to check out the demo server but it seems to be offline<br><br>Post edited by: bpmorin, at: 2007/12/05 14:35

I too would like to get rid of plesk and would like to know if there is a migration script for Virtualmin.

FYI - The note about the demo server not being online due to the 10th birthday of webmin might need to be updated since it’s 3 months later and still no demo server.

Yes it would be nice, but this post has really gone unanswered so I am thinking that this might not be the product to do that. One thing with Plesk, if you do run into a bind, you can always pay for support. I am not sure if this is even available.


Not sure what’s up but yes, VMPro does migrate Plesk 8. You use a Plesk 8 backup and just migrate the file. Since I haven’t tried I can’t tell you how seamless it is, but if it works as well as the Cpanel migration then it should be pretty much, hands free.

Hmmm, maybe it’s the subject heading :wink:

Perhaps you are right. Thanks for the response though I am going to try that.


by the way, do you know whats up with the Demo Server? It would be nice to take a look at that prior.

Thanks again.


The demo server is just kinda broken. I’ve been intending to fix it for ages now (as you’ve noted), but things don’t seem to work out that way. It was running under qemu, which was so tragically slow that it was doing us more harm than good (people thought Virtualmin was slow, and would frequently email me to ask why Virtualmin is so slow…so I started work on moving to a xen-based demo, but xen on RHEL4 is a bit ornery, so it isn’t working yet). I’m just overworked lately. I’ll try to wrap up that migration soon.

Not sure what’s up with the demo, outside of a possible firewall issue.

you can get a view of my reseller demo to get kind of a feel, though I’ve got lots shut off.

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