Required to clean up code?

I run an ordering platform. A few years back I purchased this standard script. Through the years it has been heavily modified to my likings by multiple independent developers. So I assume, this could have had an impact on the ‘cleanliness’ of the code and it’s standards. Which ultimately also could impact the stability, speed and security of the website in terms of user experience.

Also, some functions in the backend in the original script I don’t use for my platform, so it’s related code is kind of obsolete.

Are my assumptions correct? If so, does is make sense to perform an ‘audit’ on the entire code of my website? Which role in IT could perform such audit? Another developer?

This has been on my mind for some time so I decided to drop this here. Looking forward input of the pro’s (or anyone actually hehe;)).

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Well, does your code scripts or whatever you want to call it came with any versions controlled system? You know like svn or git so new developer could read the source code and pin points to changes by who at any times… Svn is very old git is younger brother to svn but its like dna… With that said any sort of documentations to your scripts provided by each coders? You know some sort of wiki or how to help content… If non of those, well you would pay premium or just require code for those scripts at highest level of quality from scratch, as no developer could continue without this info’s provided by svn or git. It’s not possible.

Hi Unborn, thanks a lot for your response, I do apologize for my late reply, managing things have been crazy busy at this end. Unfortunately, no version control has been executed since the start, as I learned only recently about it’s importance, same for documentations or wiki-like paperwork. Since my platform is in Yii1, which is retiring soon, I have taken the decision to purchase a similar script. This in Laravel, and I assume it is more future proof. I will require dev to implement git for version control, and will think out a wiki. So far we only used Trello for new tasks. Thanks again for your valuable input!

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@Adrian70 hi, thanks for following this up… well basically ask the dev to share with you the git repo - so your own and futured dev could be able to see changes, retrieve changes and process code from there or even from latest code… and collaboration between your team or you or other dev to dev… like proper stuff. Documentation I would really urge you to have in mark down files within repo or perhaps dedicated git repo which would enable you and your team and outside team to collaborate on issues etc. I am very sorry that you learned this a bit late but hey, still better then never right? :slight_smile:

btw tasks could be managed within git repo - I am not talking about github I am talking about git repo where you issue tasks and let devs to push updates to the repo where you can read it or comment it… etc… you have eye open. Btw markdown wiki is just text files no software is need it if you on windows use nodepad++ if on other modern platforms just simple text editor would be enough.

use git and docs there for everything - make sure of it… there are lot of tools to have your own github like thingy self hosted, keep track what was done and was paid for, make sure you can have go back in the time within your code - which git is…

  • have great day!

edit if you would like to deploy your very own git gui server, you can safely do so within virtualmin. you will only need subdomain with around - uhm 500mgs of ram if you planning heavy usage - around 300 devs working together, ssl (lets encrypt) and that’s about it… no ssh share nada. I can help you with this :wink:

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