Requests to outside really slow


I have VPS linux setup with virtualmin/webmin installed. Works all great. Only thing is that all requests to outside (for example external API`s or feeds) are really slow.

Is this something within webmin / configuration or should I look in total different direction.


The Webmin/Virtualmin configuration wouldn’t actually restrict the speed of your requests.

It’s possible that you’re seeing seeing a bandwidth issue.

Also, are all the requests your seeing slow, or just to certain sites?

One thing you could do to test is to use a tool like “wget” to download a large file, perhaps a ISO file, as it will tell you how fast the download is going.

You could then go to your VPS provider with that information, and ask them if there’s anything on their end that would be causing that.




The problem occurs for all request I make to external sites. Downloading a big file via wget goes quite fast (up to 30MBs per seconde). That`s fast enough right?

I am going to contact the host to see if they can give more information about this.


Hmm, if downloading a large file works well, perhaps your DNS is taking awhile to perform lookups.

What is the output of this command, this will show your DNS servers:

cat /etc/resolv.conf