Requesting a Proper postfix tutorial for virtualmin

So i’ve been looking like everywhere for this and i just can’t find it, anyway what is the most secure way to setup a postfix server? could anyone make a proper tutorial highlighting what’s really important and how to do it? things like TLS Reject plain-text logins and what’s the best way to combat spam and most importantly a way so spammers can’t send mail using your server without your and sometimes your client’s knowledge (happened to me a lot on hotmail btw).

So great that would be all i think this tutorial would not only be useful for me but for a lot of people that are not that familiar with postfix and virtualmin, oh and my server is running behind nat so if there are any ports i should know about don’t forget to mention it.

Thanks :smiley:

Not sure what you mean, but Virtualmin sets up a secure system out of the box. You have to be more specific what is not working :slight_smile:

Need trouble shooting info (including link to webmin postfix doc)?

There are also a lot of excellent how-tos, see also:

What i need is to know how safe is my virtualmin out of the box, TLS is not setup by default so there’s no encryption, so how safe is my postfix server, if there’s anything that can make it even safer how to set that up, i know that mail has a couple of secure protocols so i’d like to know more about them just as i said a proper tutorial that can teach everyone how to setup the most secure postfix server possible and also show it’s weaknesses.