request SSL certificate / locked out! :(

hey guys!

unfortunately, at this time, i am 100% locked out of my Webmin/Virtualmin interface. although, i can log in to the SSH.

what has happened, is i have a working server, and i setup the certificate authority module. afterwards, in the Webmin users and groups module, i clicked request an SSL certificate for Webmin login.

finally, upon clicking “pick up certificate”, i have been locked out of webmin entirely.

the webmin server log simply says “Failed to Inititalize SSL Connection”

i have read that i could regain access if i could disable the Certificate Authority module, revoking this cert., but i have it setup to forward to the HTTPS version, therefore, cannot access the standard non-https version anyways.

i have also came up empty seeking a command line API or tool i could run at the SSH prompt to help me do this manually!

help! what can i do :(?? thanks!

sorry guys i sort have jumped the gun;

my resolve was to head over to /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf and disable SSL and its redirect by changing relevant values to 0.

i will now move ahead with restoring normal functioning operation.

however. my environment is ubuntu 12.04 lts, and chrome/firefox. what is the issue i am experiencing, is there a way to mitigate the issue, and is this by any chance already known to be an issue? maybe im doing something wrong?

thanks! :slight_smile:


seems that i am able to now access normally from HTTP

but cannot disable the CA, due to the fact that SSL is required to be enabled to do so?

double negative?

i took a look around /etc/webmin/acl and found the .pem associated with the cert. i should be using. i installed both the CA cert and the public key that was generated for the root webmin user, into my system and browser, and tried again to gain access, but to no avail

i would just like to disable this at least to restore regular access to my server w/ SSL enabled, but cannot seem to find clear directions on how to do so…

anyways, thanks for taking the time, if any body does, to look at this. i apologize in advance if this is not in the right Forum…

okay, so after a it of poking around, i think i have figured atleast the worst of it out.

i simply cleared all my caches, double checked all certificated installed in all certificate managers, and rebooted. afterwards, i was able to gain entry to the webmin control panel, therefore, am now able to restore functionality.

unfortunately, the link to download and install the cert. did not work, and i was afterwards simply locked out and lost all access to the webmin control panel,

i had to log in using the shell and manually download the certificate from /etc/webmin/acl/*, or somewhere similar

i also installed the CA Public Key Certificate into the trusted root certificate authorities in order to alleviate any possible security concerns or complaints from the browser…

this all seems far too complicated for the regular user however

not to mention, i assume this means that after i begin issuing certificates, all SSL users must be using certificates as well? because i was not presented with a login box. i assumed it would simply bypass this, if the Cert was installed, but if not, still present users with an optional login method. i am wrong in thinking this, arent i?