Request for changing the file manager.

Request for changing the file manager.

Hello, a file manager is a must in a web control panel, especially if you use it for edits, so also a good editor is priceless.

The functions are all there (except thrown at a bunch of icons, not at all well placed), but I guess we all hate it for years:

-I know it since webmin didn’t had any brothers, did it change at all?

-how should it be changed? well not using java in the first place wich for me always created weird problems, or at least a different applet;

-drag&drop, delete with the keyboard etc sucks as root, this a no-no, but come on, at least a small right click menu and the scroll?

-it should have a multiple file uploader not just zips but for individual files; and when you extract a zip it should also ask for overwrite, not just to throw an error

-it’s ugly like hell, sometimes i work for hours with it and… well… it depresses me :slight_smile: to the point that I’m hating my servers.

-in linux now after the latest Java updates It stops responding repeteadly, on two different machines running OpenSUSE (in any browser) and on two servers running CentOS (so I have also two File Managers, thought that could be a problem locally for one of them but two?) so now I don’t have a file manager anymore.

-in windows 7 worked but hardly, if you opened more instances.

-in linux now works only if i don’t open any other websites/tabs but that’s just wrong, and whow do you make it work in linux, the copy paste from sources external to the applet? You can copy paste but only in it, not from the browser (a path for example) or from the editor (a line a code into the applet’s editor. In windows this works - in linux it doesn’t. Now that’s some eratic behaviour.

-as a sidenote I didn’t see any other Java weird behaviour except… with the one thing that interests me most, the Webmin File Manager. I guess this is the only reason for having Java installed?

And something like this should be with shortcuts in the first page, under the Virtualmin menu, along with the command shell, a link to logs etc. Ah the SSH login module, that’s also a weird little one :slight_smile: And in Cloudmin I mentain my position stated here , for the same reasons. There were plans in moving all this to HTML5?

Come on guys, let’s raise +1s for changing the File Manager, and I’m sure the Webmin team will do their best to provide something else.

If something open source can’t be found, I’m willin to pay for such an extra-deluxe-platinum-whatever-webmin-module. Once, no subscriptions pls here - it could be an ideea to offer for sale such thingys… extra modules I mean, for you and for us.


There’s a couple of file managers provided as install scripts. The Webmin file manager may be replaced at some point, but in the meantime, I’d suggest using one of the install scripts that comes with Virtualmin.


Hi, this is not an issue, that I can’t find something to use, but you must aggree that it is totally a different thing being seamlessly integreted in the panel. Also… I don’t think we should have to install a piece of software for every domain we are creating just to be jailed in their home, and people going to another web address, well… when you are managing your own domain… on another.

Also, it is kind of not the best way of doing things, to give to yet another web app root access, with all the updating/bugs/etc involved; and why would we want to increase the attack surface?

I seriously think you should consider a change in those areas mentioned above, these 3 things are all very important: a file manager with integrated editor, a better ssh module, an interface for the virtual machines. Mostly because… that’s why we use a web tool, not to use all the many different local ones (now that’s some weird english, sry).

I can confirm that a few problems were solved in linux, due to Java updates, except that it’s still crashing. And no scroll. And some weird lag, where the windows do not refresh. And sporadic copy/paste.

I always considered Webmin and the brothers as being the best, that’s why I am using them. Recently got in a fight with a very awkward man who called Virtualmin primitive; I proved him very very wrong and enjoyed this in the process…

There is one thing that left me baffled: “is that a file manager, hahahahah?” You got it, it’s about the file manager again :slight_smile: I didn’t saw for years cPanel till recently, and I am not sorry or want that, I still think it’s crap, and primitive sic. But did you see their file manager?

I will not drop this, so expect future posts lol


For me it has recently totally stopped working on Mac OS (client, all browsers) on two different servers (one Debian 6, one Debian 7) and i’ve tried all the fixes that have worked from time to time in the past with no success. I suspect a Mac OS update being responsibly for this somewhere along the line, as has happened several times in the past.

It is also ugly, unintuitive, hard to use etc etc, so i will be investigating the installer script options as recommended by Eric in the meantime, but generally this ancient Java horror lets Virtualmin down terribly imho!


jonny B

Amen to that.
Would love new file manager but got around it by using other ways to manage my domains.
But I imagine it’s a problem if you have server loaded with customers.

We hear you, and discussions about how/when/what have occurred. As much as we’d like it to change next week, it’ll take some time, but we definitely have been looking into that. It’s on the todo list :slight_smile:


Old thread, good news!

OMG another year has passed - I really hate that File Manager…

This is becoming real urgent. Chrome and Firefox are not playing nice with Java anymore, so we really need an alternative.


Thanks a lot for this great platform!

However, I also agree that the File Manager is unfortunately not working anymore on Chrome/Firefox, probably a java issue but it would be extremely good to have a better alternative.


Take a peek at this filemanager here:

It’s an excellent HTML-based filemanager for Webmin.


My work is done. I will hapily leave the old Java File Manager behind and move to the awesome new future of… managing my files :smiley:

Thanks for the tip! It seems very promising.

The first time I tried to open a file in the java based file manager, it crashed and just wiped out all my data in the file :frowning:

That was my first and last time of using this file manager.

Did you try out the HTML-based one mentioned above, abbakhan? The author did some excellent work with that, it works quite well.


Wow! Thank you andreychek!

I missed that information. Thank you for letting me know. I have just installed it and seems great!