Request for a refund

Dear sir,

I would like to cancel my subscription to Virtualmin Pro and to get a refund.

Based on the charge made in my Debit Card, I subscribed to your Virtualmin Pro in June 2019; and there are two charges so far.

As you could not help resolve the issues I raised with you in the forum, I could not use Virtualmin Pro to host my wordpress website since that day. However, for a good gesture, I can pay for one month only; any other payments or charges made to my account should be refunded back to my card.

My Serial: 5574677

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thon Hak

Howdy – no problem!

I cancelled your order, and issued a refund for one month ($6).

Sorry that we weren’t able to get things working for you… thanks for giving Virtualmin a try!

thanks. So there is no more charge from your company?


Nope! Your order is cancelled.

many thanks.