Request for a howto

Hello everyone. As you can tell from my username, “I don’t do webservers”. Unfortunately I have been tasked w/ doing just that. The setup I’m forced to work with is:
-a server behind a NAT router (all necessary ports are forwarded to the host)

I need to make this system as “turnkey” as possible, as I really don’t wish to be the one stuck with the “keys to the kingdom”.

I have spent the past few days googling for a comprehensive howto for Virtualmin, dyndns, and NAT with less than helpful search returns. I’m not asking for a hand-holding walkthrough here, but I would very much appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction: maybe a howto I overlooked somewhere. I’ve done some poking through the forums here hoping to find a stckied thread covering this setup, but so far that has been a fruitless effort.

I’m working with ubuntu 10.04 LTS and the script. That all goes fantastically well. My experience with apache and setting up a webserver amounts to “once i set up an apache server on a static ip address”(and it was quite an unsatisfactory experience. no offense, i just don’t find setting up webservers to be all that interesting. now if you needed a mass storage array designed and deployed for that enterprise level database you’re going to use on the backend, I could get rather excited and be quite satisfied when done…but i digress).

Please, if some kind soul could throw me a bone here, that’d be awesome. The growing knot on my forehead will be most thankful.

go into virtualmin - system settings - module config
in the right pane go to Networking settings.

Default virtual server IP address should be your LAN address
Default IP address for DNS records should be your external IP

If you dont have a static IP, which it seems to be the case, use the module for Dyndns
go to webmin - webmin - webmin configuration
in the right pane, click Webmin Modules
Install from: Third party module from

search dyndns and install it. Use the module to enter your account