Repositories down?

OS type and version Rocky Linux 8.8
Virtualmin version 7.7

Hello all,

I can’t update my server running Virtualmin, since the Virtualmin repositories seem to be down

I can temporarily remove that repo to be able to update the rest of the system, but apparently there are new versions of Webmin/Usermin too that I’d like ton install. Any information about how long the repo will be down ?

Repos seem to be back up

Didn’t I responded on this topic, and others too?

Strange behavior of this topic that missed the solution. Anyway they’ll find it in the forum where I pointed out.

Well, the solution was just to wait for the repositories to be back up…

The goal of the forums is so people learn. Not to make others to lose them time.


Primarily people want to get their problems solved. Learning is, hopefully, a by product.

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