Replicate webserver (mirroring) !

Hey there,

I have a non-redundant webserver with virtualmin/webmin platform,

I want to create a second webserver as a real-time backup/failover for redundancy.

Can you please tell me what options i do have to sync the second server to work in sync mode to have second nameserver to serve same files as main server?

Is that affecting somehow SEO from google’s stands point? It is any risk involve to appear as a duplicate content?

Btw second name server will have same public static ip, but another machine ofc with different local ip.


Update: wtf, i messed with cluster webmin, i added a user in cluster webmin server , now i lost all privileges for server.

How i restore back my root access ?

Access denied : User blabla is not allowed to use the Webmin Configuration module

I don’t get it. I added a user for cluster server and lost all webmin privileges.

How do i get back all privileges as a root? I can login via ssh-putty as root. Only webmin platform is removed from privileges. I cannot see anything when i login on webmin. No virtualmin/no menu nothing, only webmin and search box with system information. Everything is gone, but my websites are still up.